Welcome to Cottonwood Creek Farm . . .

Located just outside Austin, Texas, our three-acre project farm is about healthy family, or "small scale," food production (fresh chicken and duck eggs, raw milk, vegetables, herbs, fruits, poultry, meats, and more). Other  endeavors include water collection, composting, maintaining a honey bee hive, growing shiitake mushrooms, and soap making. To see an example of what a more rural life might look like -- without a lot of back-breaking work -- you might think about a visit.

Rojo (the ram), Olive, and Mary, comprise our wooly trio of Gulf Coast Sheep (only 200 in North America, and approximately 2,000 worldwide). This little "family" so far has been responsible for producing 11 offspring. They also provide manure for soil improvement and composting; meat; and wonderful yarn for knitting projects.

Chloe is our Dexter, a small breed of cow originally from Ireland. She is sweet tempered, and provides us with delicious fresh, raw milk daily, and is due to deliver her third calf in Fall 2015. Chloe also is the source of a great deal of rich composting material for the garden!

Protecting the stock are two amazing guard dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a Karakachan (Bulgarian, approximately 1,000 worldwide). We do not socialize them at all, so if you visit, please -- NO PETS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED.

Our pasture-raised chicken breeds include barred rock, ameraucana, and wellsummer. Egg production varies by season, from one or two daily to more than a dozen. Currently there are a number of pekin ducks enjoying our creek and seasonal pond. We have the capability of incubating and hatching our own fertile eggs, and like to keep a total of about two dozen birds at any given time.

We have comfortable rooms for guests and visitors to the beautiful Texas Hill Country. For more information:

E-mail: billyp53@sbcglobal.net